Air and Noise Pollution Analysis


Suspended Particulate Matter

Option (I): General

  • High Volume Air Sampler (Per Hour Operation)
  • Low Volume Air Sampler (Per 12 Hour Operation)
  • Low Volume Air Sampler (Per 24 hours Day Operation)
  • Metal Analysis of Particulate (Per Metal)

Option (II): Indoor

  • Laser Dust Counter along with HVAS, 15 minutes max

Gaseous Pollutants

  • NOx (Active Sampling method)
  • SO2(Active sampling method)
  • Spot CO, NOx, SOx, CO2, NH4, O2, H2S each by indicator tube method

Noise Pollution

  • Noise Pollution Monitoring
  • Noise Pollution Monitoring

Vibration Pollution

  • Vibration Pollution Monitoring
  • Vibration Pollution monitoring