Fuel Analysis

Parameters: Coal and Biomass (Proximate analysis) Option (I): General Moisture Content Ash Content Volatile Matter Calorific Value by Bomb Calorimeter Sulphur Fixed Carbon Option (II): Selective Calorific Value Moisture+Ash+V.M+FC Nitrogen Calorific Value by empirical formula (V.M, Ash, Moisture + Cal. Value) Density 2.2 Diesel and Petrol Density Kinematic Viscosity Distillation Flash Point Cloud Point Copper[…]


Rock, Ores, Minerals

Parameters: Rocks and Minerals Option (I): General, Primary Moisture Loss in Ignition Acid Insoluble (Insoluble Matter) Mixed Oxides (R2O3 / Fe2O3 + Al2O3­) CaO MgO SiO2 Option (II): Metal Analysis, Secondary Metals (Ag, Fe, Mn, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Cu, Pb, Zn, Cr, Ni, Cd, etc. Each) Option (III): Random Analysis Mixed Oxides Only Mixed[…]


Food and Food Additives Analysis

Honey Moisture Ash Specific Gravity Total Acidity Total Reducing Sugar Sucrose Hydroxymethyl Furfural General Food Items Extraneous Matter Color Additives Sulfur Dioxide Benzoic Acid Moisture Protein Carbohydrate  Total Sugar Reducing Sugar Fats and Oil Crude fiber Metals each Ash Mesophilic Aerobic Bacteria  Total Coliform Count Salmonellae Count Starch Gluten Acid Insoluble Ash Acidity as Lactic[…]


Water and Waste Water Analysis

Potable (Groundwater, Tap Water, Mineral Water) and Recreational Water (Surface Water) Option (I): General pH Conductivity Colour Odor Turbidity Total Suspended Solids Total Dissolved Solids Total Solids Temp Calcium Hardness/ Magnesium Hardness/Total Hardness / Temporary Hardness (each) Permanent Hardness Total Alkalinity Phenolphthalein alkalinity Me-Orange alkalinity Bicarbonate Alkalinity Chloride Residual Chlorine Sulphate Hydrogen Sulfide Ammonia-N Nitrite-N[…]