Nirsing Kumar Rai – Ecologist



Key skills: Research planning, Field leadership, Data manipulation and analysis, Report writing, Terrestrial and Aquatic ecological Monitoring & Evaluation, Academic research.


 Mr. Nirsing K. Rai has been associated with the organization since 2011 starting at a designation of Ecological Officer but now working as an Ecologist and Wildlife Expert for more than two years and advocating “Sustainable Conservation by people for people”.

Some of the key projects and responsibilities reflecting Mr. Rai’s professional experiences in the firm include:

  1.  Budhigandaki, Hydroelectric Project (900MW): Preparation of Operational Plan (PoP), Leading biological (Flora and Fauna) study team, Data collection by using different sampling techniques, Conducting Key Informant Interview (KII), Data analysis by using different statistical tools SPSS, Access etc. and  Writing report for biological impact.
  2. Upper Trishuli-I, Hydroelectric Project (216 MW): Preparation of Operation Plan (PoP), Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of Aquatic macroinvertebrates and Periphytons, Leading Limnological Study team every month for a whole year. Classification and identification (Lab work), Data Analysis and Writing Report.
  3. Upper Karnali (400 KVA) and Kabeli (132 KVA) Transmission Line Project: Forest and Biological sampling, Conducting Key Informant Interview (KII), Assisting Focused Group Discussion (FGD), Data manipulation and Analysis.
  4. Feasibility Study of Dudh Koshi Hydroelectric Project (Khotang, Okhaldhunga and Solukhumbu districts), Naumure Hydroelectric Project (Pyuthan and Arghakhanchi districts), Lower Jhimruk Hydroelectric Project (Pyuthan and Arghakhanchi districts), Chheda Khola Hydroelectric Project (Jajarkot district): Forest and Wildlife sampling, Conducting Key Informant Interview (KII), Data manipulation, analysis and writing report.

Besides,  Mr. Rai has conducted research on Diurnal Activity Pattern of  Wild Water Buffalo (Bubalus arnee) in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Eastern Nepal. Recently his research work has published on paper journal “Biodiversity Conservation Effort in Nepal. (2014)” of DNPWC. He has participated in various national seminars, workshops and trainings on Ecology, Conservation and Conservation Techniques.

Moreover, he has been delivering lectures in Grammar College intermittently on Ecology and Conservation Biology.