Our Professional Team


Nepal Environmental & Scientific Services (NESS) (P) Ltd was established as a joint venture company in 1993 with the active and modest participation of Japanese and Nepalese entrepreneurs under the laws and regulations of the Government of Nepal. NESS has an unique blend of engineering and scientific team inclusive of in house professionals (Academicians, Scientists, Environmental Experts, Engineers, Hydrologists, Biologists, Managers, Planners, Economists, Sociologist, Geologists, Geographers, Statisticians, Legal experts, Communication / Public Relation Experts) and has enriched with more than twenty five full time, thirty supporting part-time human resources and twenty consultants as pool of experts.  

Management/ Administrative Human Resources

Physical Environment Experts / Engineers

Natural Resource Management and Climate Change

  • Mr. Ramu Subedi, M.Sc (Climate change), Masters in Humanities & Social Science
  • Dr. Madhav Giri, Ph. D (Climate change), M.Sc(Environment)

Terrestrial Biologists

Aquatic Scientist

  • Mr. Kishore Kumar Upadhyaya, M. Sc. Senior Fisheries Biologist
  • Mr.Raj Kapoor Napit, B. Sc., Field Fisheries Biologist


  • Mr. Hari Prasad Bhattarai, MA / MS, Resettlement Expert
  • Mr. Arjun Dhakal, M. A. Economist
  • Dr. Naresh N.Rimal, Ph. D, Socio-ecological Resilience Specialist

Technical Specialists

Environment Law

  • Bimal Subedi, LL.M / BL, Environment Law
  • Mr. Janak Khanal, BL, Environment Law

Technical Writer, Editor

  • Dr. Donald A. Messerschmidt, Ph. D.(On Call)
  • Santosh Neupane, B.Sc

MIS Consultant

  • Santosh Neupane, B.Sc


  • Mr. Achuyt Dev Bhatta

Environmental Laboratory Staff

  • Mr. Sunil Babu Khattri, M. Sc. (Chemistry), Laboratory/QCM Manager
  • Ms. Ramita Shrestha, M. Sc., Water / Air / Noise Monitoring Expert
  • Ms. Simran Shah, B.Sc., Food Technologist
  • Ms. Sulochana Shrestha, Laboratory Chemist
  • Mr. Jit Bahadur Khatri, Laboratory Assistant
  • Mr. Kashi Devkota, Laboratory Assistant
  • Ms. Kavita Basnet, Junior Assistant